How to play:

Use WASD to move, LMB to fire, E to interact with items.

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About is a cool 2d shooter game that you will not be able to find any friend. Come to the new arena set on an abandoned island at first, you have to defend against multiple people at once. Unfortunately, you are equipped with nothing when you have dropped down from the plane. Before you embark on any fight, you’d better collect weapons with supplies from available chests on the ground or in rooms. Additionally, you can loot somebody. With the equipment that you have looked for, you can rush into the battle and show your skills. Try to eliminate your rivals and survive as long as possible! Staying alive until you are the last standing man will help you become the winner. Although you are joining the Free For All mode, you can also create or join a team with a few strangers. Let’s start to engage in your journey and unlock secrets now!

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