How to play:

Use the mouse to move, Space or LMB to attack, RMB or W to dash.

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About is a fun Free For All Io game with the typical gameplay by Clown Games and a twist. Become a warrior and check out the new challenge together with other players throughout the real world. You have nothing at the starting. Actually, you are not equipped when you spawn. Therefore, you are forced to pick up axes. These tools are available on the ground with a large number. It is very easy to pick them up but difficult to throw those items at the target accurately. If you are successful, you are able to eliminate your rivals and earn higher ranks. With the experience that you have gained, you will get closer to the top spot. However, you will level up first. Each time you unlock the next stage, you can carry much more gear. It means that you will receive more slots. When you cannot beat somebody or want to catch your prey, you can dash. Good luck!

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