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We always greet you to come to our site and explore the awesome multiplayer-browser Agar.io game. There are millions of users accessing to our website with the purpose of playing, searching for information, researching on new features or the latest news and so on. Hence, operating website can be considered as a hard job. Most of the websites offer the terms formed by the administrators. Each one will have each specific rule and regulation. The same goes for Agr-io.com! All the users are forced to learn about the terms and privacy whenever they use any information presented by a website. This is a good way to help them not to break the regulations and enjoy what they are searching comfortably. So right now, even if you are a newcomer or a long-term user, you should take a closer look at terms of Agr-io.com.

Terms of Agr-io.com

As a possessor of Agar.io game, we made our terms for all of the users, even the beginners. And we need you to follow our rules!

A user is allowed to take or change the information or anything of this website. It was made for the general use to research on information

Either the third groups or us won’t give the types of commitment for the quantity and quality regarding the accuracy, the achievement even though we receive the acceptance for those errors from the law. Hence, once using or finding the information on this website, everyone has to take responsibility for their actions.

Some of the elements including layout, graphics, interface, content design that you see will be owned by us – administrator of Agr-io.com. If you just make a copy of those elements, your action will be known as illegal piracy.

We will consider the logos that are possessed by the operator copied on this site.

All the users can’t do anything bad that lead to breaking the rules and regulations. If they damage or copy anything, their actions are known as culpability. Hence, all the users are forced to obey the rules created by us!

The users should also check out other links if they are discovering one certain subject at Agr-io.com. Those links are offered by us and we hope that you will feel comfortable, especially when you need further information about the subject that you are exploring. We won’t display any content of other websites here!

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