How to play:

Tap Spacebar to increase your movement speed.

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About is a good classic Free For All Io game. Play against other people and eliminate every enemy to become the winner! You and everybody will start off with a stick. It is also the main weapon that you use during the next combat. You should master how to poke targets accurately because it will increase the ability to survive and rank up. However, you need to grow your gear as big as possible. Additionally, try to stay alive until you conquer the top spot. So, your equipment will get longer or bigger each time you eat food or finish off somebody. You can find energy dots while you are moving around the battlefield. Thus, you are advised to keep an eye on everything in the surroundings or they will attack and loot your progress. You can use acceleration. Attempt to activate boosting smartly as it must be recharged after being triggers! Have fun!

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