How to play:

Click and drag or use WASD/ Arrows to move. Press Shift + LMB to send 50% fighters, RMB on source/target to cancel, Space to snap to the homeworld, Tab to show stats.

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About is one of the latest fast-paced strategy io games in which the main aim that you need to accomplish is to capture as many homeworlds as possible. It is essential to apply the most appropriate strategies for specific situations. By taking over those places, your territory will be expanded and you can earn the higher ranks. Start as a commander and you obviously have the own troop. Learn how to deploy your fighters wisely. Choose the source planet and target. Besides, you can send half of them if you want. So, there are various methods to control your team. Keep in mind that big asteroids will allow you to put up soldiers sooner. If you link these moons, you will get defense bonuses. If you switch on the SCAN ability, you can reveal any point in space. Moreover, you can find and experience other options like EMP, SHIELD, or CANNON. Good luck!

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