How to play:

Use WASD to move, left mouse to shoot.

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About is a fun and fast-paced massively multiplayer browser game set in a 3D environment, where you will have to blow up all of the enemies, earn XP, unlock new items and claim the top spot to become the leader. Like other Io games, it is a great combat that you can play and pick up for free. It’s possible for you to engage the challenge as a guest! However, you are completely able to register as a new player to unlock cool skins, tools, and much more. In the, your level will be improved once you destroy more targets. Also, you will obtain more upgrades, ranging from flame throwers to rocket launchers. Across the map, you can see and gather power-ups at some different spots. Get ready to own tons of weapons? Let’s enjoy and figure out the most appropriate strategy to defend your life, remove all of the opponents and dominate the leaderboard right now!

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