How to play:

Use WASD to move, the left mouse to throw a normal snowball. Hold the left click to launch a super big ball. Pressing down the left mouse enough long will create a snow block and a fortress.

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About is one of the funniest multiplayer online Io games in the list. It is a massive snowball combat. You should build up the biggest fortress as well as team up with other friends and wipe out all of the opponents in the shortest time. Move around the map and use the available weapon to throw at the target. If you try to press down the left mouse, you will have the chance to make a super strong ball. Also, you are able to set up a snow block or a powerful stronghold, where you can avoid being attacked and defend yourself. In the, bears are the dangerous natural enemies. You’d better keep away from those aggressive animals for survival. Indeed, some hits will not be able to damage them. Every necessary guide is gathered here. Why don’t you take part in the battle and find the ally right now? Hope you enjoyed!

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