How to play:

Use the arrows to move and surround the area.

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About is an addicting multiplayer online strategy game which is similar to, and Enter the name and spawn on a new map. Take control of a colored square and use that item to capture the nearby area so as to grow. The mission is to become the first player who dominates all of the lands in the world in the fastest time. Remember to turn into and avoid running into the line you create for survival! Not only that, there are some rules that you need to master to win. There are a lot of opponents. They are fairly dangerous because they can steal the achievement you have quickly. So, in, you should not forget to defend the own territory. Don’t move too far from the initial base when you are still weak or you can’t know where to come back! Are you ready to take part in the interesting challenge and share it with your buddies? Let’s begin and show your ability to be the leader now! Good luck!

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