Playing game is now considered as a popular phenomenon on the Internet! game made a new history when it attracted millions of people all over the world coming and joining. The game has 8 servers in total located in several big countries, along with tons of websites offering in-game features and latest news. Hence, whenever you pay a visit to a certain website, knowing the privacy policy is highly recommended, regardless of you is a beginner or a long-term user!

Privacy Policy is very important to us! It’s like a document explaining your obligations on Therefore, you must read our privacy policy carefully because all your personal information will be gathered!

Log Files

Most of the websites you visit utilize usually Log files, which can consist of some details on ISP-Internet Service Provider, IP-Internet protocol addresses, the browsers, information of visitor, visiting time and probably more. Plus, with the log files, the webmaster can make their work better when they are able to analyze and search for the demographic data, run website and keep an eye on the visitor’s actions.


The details of the users’ preference and liking will be stored in Cookies! Using Cookies can help the admin trace the users’ track or alter the content of the web page.

Web Beacons

Using Web Beacons can help the administrators stick to the navigation through one or more websites. The webmaster can use web beacons along with the cookies to acquire the conception relating to how the users will browse through and how they obtain the content on that website.

DoubleClick DART Cookie

There will be lots of advertisements presented by the third group. Google will be that third party offering ads to the customers. Those ads can be related to this website or other ones.

For the users who don’t want to get involved in cookies. Then let’s find Google with the link to find out the privacy policy’s content

The third parties will operate the ads and links after applying technology. The ads will turn up in the browser that the users are utilizing. Cookies, Web Beacons, or JavaScript can be considered as some of technologies. Third groups will use them to rate the efficiency of the advertisements.

For more information regarding the privacy policies of the third parties or advertisers, the users are supposed to ask and acquire precise information. If you don’t want to continue using cookies, and you want to stop them, try to get it via the separated browser choices.

You can search for steps to operate cookies or browsers at some of the websites.