How to play:

Press WASD or Arrows to move, LMB to attack, E or Space to interact, RMB to delete an item, M to view the map.

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About is a free online RPG survival game. Trapped in a strange city with other people and you need to find the best way to live there until the last moment of your lifetime. Not only that, you can grow, age and rebirth. After you are moved to that place, you can collect some power-ups and encounter a few aggressive players. Try to defend yourself and quickly find a job! Work on a computer and you will be able to earn money. When you save enough, you can buy a building to get commisions later. You can get more if somebody shops. However, do not forget to sleep, eat and entertain or go to the toilet. Some food will bring back special effects. You can use upgrades to make your skills better each year, for example, trading, speed, and more. Getting a successor is also an important mission. Let’s play and see if how long you can dominate!

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