How to play:

Hold LMB to move, release to attack. Press RMB to deploy the ?n ultimate ability.

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About is free-to-play Agario style game in which you will fight against multiple players. Try to grow stronger and enlarge in order to become the top winner! You are able to launch your ultimate ability to get an edge over other characters in the match. Do not forget to earn as much gold as possible from your victories! Additionally, you can spend these coins on buying upgrades to improve your mob powers and open up other fighters. controls are quite unique. You cannot attack somebody while you are roaming. Hits will be launched once you stop. You can take advantage of that to move far away from predators. If you have begun, you can select weak animals coming from a small horde. Meanwhile, do not get close to bigger creatures or you will get troubles immediately. But, you can hunt down wild boars or bears to gather max XP and higher scores. Good luck!

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