How to play:

Use the mouse to move, Left click to attack, Right click to boost speed.

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About is a classic Io game based on Agario style. Enter a deathmatch and take over the arena by killing opponents. Start off with a caveman and you can grow when you level up. Besides, you will receive another skin and the better weapon. So, you will have the chance to take part in that evolution system once you survive and advance. However, you should note that your movement speed will be decreased when you get bigger. Thus, your prey can escape and it is not simple to capture him again if you miss hits. Not only that, he can appear next to you rapidly. Don’t worry! You are able to activate a special ability which allows you to boost. It is helpful to run away from predators or catch somebody. In case you are still weak, you can focus on collecting colored orbs spawned on the floor at random. Let’s begin and experience your way!

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