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What Is

What Is (also known as is the MMO strategy game developed by Matheus Valadares. To play Agario, players will control a small colored cell around the map. The objective is to gain the large size by absorbing the pellets, smaller cells, viruses and other big cells without being eaten. is from the name of agar; the substance is used as a culture medium for bacteria.

On 28 April, Agario was announced on 4chan as the browser game. Thanks to the strong advertising, Agario became popular quickly on YouTube and After that, on 3 May 2015, it was officially approved by the community in Steam. Its developer had the plan to add many new features that are not available in the browser version. And in these days, we have greeted the mobile version of Agario for iOS and Android on 8 July. has the successful result after release. It is one of 1,000 most visited websites that is ranked by Alexa. And the number of download times for the mobile version is more than ten million in the first week.

Because the objective of Agario game is to enlarge the cell, every gamer must help it swallow pellets and cells as many as possible without being absorbed by the large cells. There are four modes for you to choose. You can play alone in FFA or cooperate to defeat the enemy, teams. Even though whatever you enjoy, you should remember your main goal. can give to you the endless chance to re-spawn as you die. Especially, in FFA, you can replace the Nick by the name of Skins you want.

Agario game has three main characters: pellets the food, cells and virus. Pellets have the function as the food for cells. When you eat them, your cell’s mass will increase. And you will have to control the cells to absorb them. The big cell can eat the small one, and they can become the food if they are split. When you are small, you should only focus on the pellets and smaller cells along with avoiding the large opponents. Over time, cells will move slowly because of their huge mass. On the other hands, the virus can split you into many pieces if you hit it when you are 150 or more. But the virus may be the good place for small cells to hide (130 mass or less). In some cases, you can feed a virus to create another virus. Use this way to attack the big prey in game.

Players in Agario online game can split their body with Spacebar to launch one of divided cells in the direction you aimed. You use this way to eat the far bait, escape from the danger, or simply to move quicker. You can merge later. Aside from that, you can shoot some mass with W key to feed the other, to bait the big opponent so that you can eat them, or to create a new virus by feeding its mother.

Agario unblocked game also had the impact on the Turkey election in June 2015. Some parties used it as the symbol of support. With the information we have displayed, hope you will be satisfied! Don’t forget to follow the latest guides for Agario game!

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